18:e Oktober - Kulturvetarnas Kongress

New album is out!

Diskomaskin is out now. It's a double album where one record contains the most popular songs from the original cassettes and the other contains yet another set of unreleased tracks from the archives. Diskomaskin is released on Djuring Phonogram/Börft.

Hear som excerpts here.

You can buy the album at Börft Records. It may also be available elsewhere from dealers specialized on electro minimal and eighties synth.

Högt upp på en klippa

As mentioned on the sleeve of Diskomaskin, the complete version of Kontrollerade omständigheter/Högt upp på en klippa is now available online. It's at Bandcamp – click Buy Now to download it. Please note that it's free if you enter zero! No registration needed.

New book!

18:e Oktober - Kulturvetarnas Kongress

Bengt Rahm, founder of the excellent Swedish record label Labrador has released a book summarizing the Swedish synthesizer based music from the early days to present. As a part of the Swedish electronic cassette scene in the eighties, 18:e Oktober is being mentioned and of course we encourage everyone to go out and buy the book. It's available on Adlibris and other stores as well. There's a Facebook page also. Unfortunately for any non Swedish visitor, this book is only in Swedish.


New York based label Minimal Wave has re-released the legendary compilation Orgelvärk. This means that the popular song Hektor Lökfrisk from 18:e Oktober is finally available on vinyl in it's original version.

18:e Oktober?

Apart from being the Swedish word for an annual date, 18:e Oktober was also the name of an electronic orchestra in Sweden operational in the eighties. Although all artistic work ceased in 1988 there has been a new born interest in old minimal electronica lately. As a result, most original material and a significant amount of unreleased material of 18:e Oktober has been and will be re-released.